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Automatic Foil


The Automatic Foil is now commonly fitted to Machines to
the delight of operators.

The foil allows the adjustment of air distrtibution across the cutting plate within minutes without having to remove the assembly from the machine.

This device is an important development in our common aim
to reduce manual handling risks.

The foil is available with new machines and can be retrofitted to existing machines

Scope has International Patents Pending for the Autofoil.

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This shows a foil in place in a
Scope Model 4435 Machine

Servo Operation
of Main Platten

Operation of most new Scope Machines is by a ServoMotor/ Gearbox combination from SEW Eurodrive  http://www.seweurodrive.com/

Advantages of this system are numerous including:

  • Fast,Quiet,low energy operation and the abilty to adjust the cut (which normally requires top nuts
    to be brought down) on the run.
  • Operators are finding that electric machines compared to pneumatic machines of the same size, have increased output.
  • Servo Machines still use the proven toggle mechanism but are driven by an Servo operated Crank.
  • Servo Machines have significantly increased cutting forces, important to cut such materials as APET.


    This image shows the SEW unit on
    a Scope Model 8050 Machine

  • Amazing new starch based material developed in Australia

    Plantic Technologies Limited, is an Australian based company that has developed a cost competitive starch based biopolymer.

    PlanticTM biopolymer is environmentally friendly due to its sustainable source and its ability to compost or biodegrade easily. Plantic Technologies has recently commissioned its manufacturing facility in Melbourne Australia. The facility has a sheet line and Scope 7050 pressure former for product development. PlanticTM materials are ideal for dry goods packaging (eg trays for biscuits & chocolates) that are produced using pressure forming.

    Plantic Technologies is in advanced testing and trials with multinational brands and will be looking to expand its user base internationally later this year. Plantic Technologies business model is based on providing sustainable packaging solutions to packaging users.

    Plantic material runs beautifully on our equipment and Scope are delighted that our machines can be used to process such an important new material.

    Learn more about PlanticTM packaging

    See Plantic Material running on a Scope Machine at Auspack in September.

    Scope continue to be dedicated to developing the best possible equipment for our customers.