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Scope is totally comitted to providing you as safe a Machine as possible.

Our Equipment has the CE Mark which means that it complies with the European Union Machinery Directives. These requirements meet or exceed International Standards. Accidents can still happen. At no time place any part of your body between the plattens, even when guards are open.If you must the procedure is in your Machine Manuals.

We have moral and legal obligations to our fellow workers,if you have any doubts please ask us for the latest procedures.

New Contact Heat Machine

Scope has spent the last 12 months developing a totally new model Contact Heat Pressureformer.

We have drawn on our exprience over the last decade as well as requests and inputs from our customers.

This Machine has a number of new significant features that will make it the King of Pressureformers.

The Machine excels against every measure: Speed,Cutting force,Strength and Rigidity,fast tool changes and ease of operation.

A few features will surprise and delight you.

The Machine will be officially released in September, with further details in our next newsletter.

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New Product
the “One Tonne Lifter”

Part of the new Machine is the ability to lift and handle rolls up to from 0.3m/50 kg to 1.2 m diameter (pallet sized) and 1000 kg.

We have develped a combination roll lift/haul off/back tension device that feeds into the new Machine.

This device is stand alone and can be used with our existing eqipment.
Small rolls are easy to handle but inefficient over time , a 1 tonne roll will last typically more than a shift.

We all know that all Thermoformers run best when they run long.

The "one Tonne Lifter" will be available from August 2003.

Scope continue to be dedicated to developing the best possible equipment for our customers.