New Pressureformer performing beyond expectations

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News from the field

Scope's new Range of fully featured Pressureformers are performing well in Production.

Operators are delighted with the easy to use features.

Owners are delighted with the Machines output and efficiency.

The use of large rolls (up to one Tonne) means that the Machine will run hour upon hour without interruption.

Don't forget that Auspack is being held at the End of September in Melbourne.

Of interest is Plantic Technologies Ltd who will be showing their revolutionary biopolymer.

Scope Staff will be on hand to help explain the Thermoforming requirements of this unique material

We welcome any show visitors to our Melbourne Plant during the show.

Scope continue to be dedicated to developing the best possible equipment for our customers.

Successful Pressureforming:

Successful Pressureforming requires good results in each of the stages of Forming,The Cut,Ejection,Stripping and feeding.

Scope Machines are designed to give the operator complete control over all these stages.


Parts strip best when at least the leading edge is already stripped when the feed begins

The New Machine has the ability to optimise the amount of part stripped at the strip point.

The Operator can adjust the strip point by moving the (Servo) Electric feed relative to the tool with the push of a button

Without changing feed length!

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Aluminium or Steel?

Both are satisfactory as long as they are flat.

Aluminium is harder to get flat and most problems can be traced back to this.

Aluminium has better heat conduction but this is often not as critical as a good seal and cut.

Aluminium plates should also use thread inserts for main tool fixing.

We suggest that all backing plates are given a light stone (to remove any scratches ) as they are put into the Scope Machines.

Only paper should be used for shimming.


The twin shafts that guide the cross in the Machine mechanism must be lubricated with oil EVERY DAY.

Lack of oil will cause the bushes to fail and void Machine warranty

Be Warned!

Scope continue to be dedicated to developing the best possible equipment for our customers.