New Machine

Scope our proud to release to you the first details of our new range of pressureformers.

This Machine is the result of over 10 years experience supplying equipment and listening to our customers needs.

Every detail is directed towards improving customers  profitability

The Machine is stongly built weighing about 5000 Kg)

It is fast (Users report net outputs to be greater than 50% more than original pnumatic Machines).

Its easy to use (Tool removal in minutes, Automatic Baffle,strip adjustment).

With the large roll lifter the Machine will run a full shift with no roll change .

Its an owner and operators dream come true.We are sure that you will be delighted with this new Machine and we welcome enquires.

Scope continue to be dedicated to developing the best possible equipment for our customers.

Some features in detail are:

ervo Motor operation gives low energy use, higher cutting forces, greater repeatabilty and reliabilty as well as the abilty to adjust the cut on the run.

Side loading of tools

Allows tools to be changed from the side without interference from the preheater, tool knife can be positioned on the front edge of the cutting plate,tool can be slid out/back and paper shims placed under 60 seconds.

Automatic foil

Allows air distribution to be changed in minutes without removing heater plate from Machine.

Strip adjustment

A clever feature allows the stripping position to be optimized.

Control pendant

Has a touch screen and has all controls (including pressures) so that the Machine can be operated from both sides (if stacker used) or by an operator standing at the outfeed end.

Intergral Scrap winder

Positioned as part of the Machine.







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Scope Machinery announces it’s New Machine