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We exhibited our new Millennium machine at the recent K show in Düsseldorf Germany.

There was great interest in the machine, which was on public display for the first time.


Visitors commented in particular on the:

The show was very well attended with visitors expressing great confidence in the future. Of interest to Thermoformers was the increase in use of Robotic Stackers to keep up with the significant increases of machine speeds.

To complete the Millennium Thermoformer Series we are developing a Robotic Stacker. The system will have a number of unique features with the same innovation and outside the square features that makes the Millennium Machine such a leap forward.

One feature will be the ability to operate the Machine from the front during difficult to setup jobs, once production is satisfactory a door is closed and the robotics take over.

The Stacker will be available after the middle of the year – stay tuned for more updates.

The challenge is to make a stacker that can keep up with the Millennium Machine!

Scope have a great K Show

Scope developing a robotic stacker.

Scope continue to be dedicated to developing the best possible equipment for our customers. 

With the massive forces now available with the Machine (and also required for the cutting of long linear lengths of APET) Scope have introduced a load cell and indictor option for the Machine cutting forces. This feature is useful to both monitor tool performance and use and to alert the operator to machine overloads

Scope Machines now available with load cells.

Everyone at the Scope team wish all our customers and suppliers a happy and profitable 2005.We are at your service to help achieve all your dreams and ambitions.

Best Wishes.

We have made series of short Video’s that show many of the Millennium machines new features such as side load of tools and automatic foils.

Please indicate your interest and we can give you access to download the whole range of videos. They are in English only at the moment with more languages to follow.
Please note that the Quality of the machine far exceeds the quality of the Video!

We are also happy to send a CD if preferred (or both)

Video’s available