Scope Machinery Launches New Website Edition

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Scope Website

Ideograph Design ( an award winning Melbourne website developer has completely rejuvenated Scopes website.

The new Millennium machine is the centre piece of the site, and displays all features in detail. The site contains a great deal of information on each feature, as well as detailed specifications. We have also incorporated lots of new useful information on our Special Projects Division, Newsletter archives and trade ins, plus popular information from our previous site including; information on thermoforming, and our Portuguese and Spanish translations.

Donít fret if you still have an earlier model of scopes machinery; they have not been forgotten. Our site still features all the information and specifications on our earlier models. Earlier Models

Scope is preparing digital videos of the Millennium Machine features (such as the side loading tools and the automatic foil).

These new moving pictures will be featured on our new website shortly, or alternatively can be emailed in MPEG format for you to view on your computer - a moving picture saves a million words.

A more complete mail out CD is being prepared which will incorporate these moving pictures, plus our whole information packed website.

Scope Launches New Website

Coming Up...

Scope continue to be dedicated to developing the best possible equipment for our customers.