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Vous aller AIMER skier en petits groupes! La nouvelle vague héli-ski est de skier en hélicos rapides, et agiles en petits groupes plus intimes. Essayer petit, c'est l'adopter!


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October 13th – First Tracks at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

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Guides GG and Kristina took Callum Petit , North Face Athlete and crew, on a stealth film shoot at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing this past weekend. This guy is hardcore, he literally got first tracks of the season.

What Are Guests Saying About Us This Week After Heli Skiing?

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We received some great feedback from recent guests that shows that a trip to Great Canadian Héli-Ski is more than just amazing powder skiing:

“We could certainly tell everyone absolutely loved their roles as the pervasive genuine camaraderie that exists between everyone at GCH cannot be faked. Everyone was absolutely professional, eager to anticipate every need possible but relaxed and doing it because I believe they truly felt it in their hearts and it’s who they really are. GCH is a home away from home except everything is provided, anticipated, larger than life. It’s where everyone knows your name! My congratulations to the management for putting together such a strong ski family.” For more on the guiding and helicopter team see Nos guides, and for non-guiding staff see Our History.

And of course the heliskiing is an integral part of the trip! We love it when we win a new convert! From Mark B to Deane, our Business Leader:

“Deane, missed you at the lodge last week, absolutely fantastic week, great times. My buddy Tim that I dragged along from Spokane because he wasn’t sure, kept saying every day “this is now the best day of skiing I ever had in my life”. Please let all the lodge staff and guides know how great a time we had and how much we enjoyed it.”


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Best Guest Video Ever! Deep Turns at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

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Here’s an absolutely awesome video made by one of our guests, Mark Caines. As you can tell Mark, Andy, Phillip and Christophe had a great time!

The film beautifully captures some of our amazing burnt forests. And the blooper reel at the end is hilarious!

Mark and crew are already booked in for 2013. Looking forward to seeing you guys next winter!

Great Canadian Héli-Ski is located between Golden and Revelstoke BC in the heart of the world’s heli-skiing powder belt where it snows +46ft (14 m), yet averages only 2 down days a winter. Most guests can leave their homes in the morning and be eating dinner in our lodge that same day! Great Canadian Heli-Skiing was the first operation to ski exclusively in small groups of 4 and with Unlimited Vertical (i.e. pas de frais pour le vertical de plus)! Having the greatest flexibility in the industry, guests can choose ANY trip length (2, 3, 4, 5, 6+ days) and start ANY day of the week. We will work to your schedule!