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Heating Air
Rigid film is trapped between the knife and  cutting plate. Compressed air is injected through the mould forcing the film down into direct contact with the heated cutting plate

Forming Air
Film is heated and the air is vented, then forming air is introduced through tiny holes in the cutting plate. The heated film rapidly forms into the mould cavity

Form dwell and cutting
The now-formed shape is cooled and the forming  air is vented. The toggle mechanism then moves the cutting plate up against the knives, trimming the formed shape with perfect registration every time.

Blowdown Air
As the platten opens, compressed air is forced  between the formed shape and the mould cavity to start the ejection cycle.

After the parts clear the knives, the film is transported forward, carrying the completely formed and trimmed units clear of the mould area, introducing fresh film into the heating plate and initialising a new cycle.