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or precise control and effortless cutting with large PET tools, the Millennium Series is now servo operated. Due to the massive forces generated by the servo operation, Scope Machinery has manufactured the stiffest machine on the market, with all components designed to support the increased working loads. The top block alone weighs in at over a tonne and tie bars are now 80 mm diameter, the whole machine weighs 5000 kg.

With the Servo system both the final cut and clamp can be adjusted on the run - this means that there is no need to stop the machine to bring the top nuts down.

Advantages of this system are numerous including:

  • Fast, Quiet, low energy operation and the ability to adjust the cut (which normally requires top nuts to be brought down) on the run.
  • Operators are finding that electric machines compared to pneumatic machines of the same size, have increased output.
  • Servo Machines still use the proven toggle mechanism but are driven by an Servo operated Crank.
  • Servo Machines have significantly increased cutting forces, important to cut such materials as APET.

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