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esign Philosophy of the Scope Machine
Why we build the toughest machines on the market.

Scope machines are designed to be robust, tough and easy to operate, with simple to understand troubleshooting. Machines are designed for the world market, components used are internationally available and modems are provided so Scope can troubleshoot or upgrade the machine from any location.

We design our machines with the customer in mind. We at Scope machinery we are pleased to accommodate any requests regarding different machine features, sizes or options, you may have.

Which machine do I use?
How to pick which Scope Machine Model.

Scope offer a large range of machine to suit every purpose. Which model you choose depends on your market and needs.

The smaller machines (4435,4257) are ideal for short runs with small tools and quick changeover is required. Tooling is inexpensive and light. Most jobs are run single row.

The 5858 machine suits short to medium runs, often with multiple rows with ideal utilisation of 610 mm wide material.

The 7050 and 7358 machines are best suited to medium to long runs of mainly multiple row tools. The extra width often allows an extra gang on the side.

For example what runs 2 up on the 4435 will run 4 up on the 4257 and would run 10 up on the 7358. Economy is then a function of machine output, run length and tooling cost.

The toughest machines in the business
Model No.s 4435, 4257, 5858, 7050 and 7358

The Scope Model; 4435, 4257, 5858, 7050 and 7358 machines heat, form and cut in place using simple tooling. These machines are rugged high speed production machines capable of forming a wide variety of thermoformed products. The products include: plastic packaging for food applications - biscuit, chocolate, meat and poultry trays; blisters - both for fold packs and for heat sealing applications and a wide range of industrial packaging.

Construction is an all metal frame with quality oversized components. PLC controls for efficient cycle running combined with robust high quality pneumatic valves ensure minimum maintenance and downtime.

All these models feature our easy tool change design.