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cope Machinery developed the famous Automatic Foil as an option for previous model Scope machines. This fantastic air saving, and time saving invention is now incorporated as standard equipment on the new Millennium Series.

The Automatic Foil is now commonly fitted to Machines to the delight of operators.

The foil allows the adjustment of air distribution across the cutting plate within minutes without having to remove the assembly from the machine.

This device is an important development in our common aim to reduce manual handling risks.

The foil is available with new machines and can be retrofitted to existing machines


The Scope Automatic Foil is positioned below the Heater and Cutting Plate. There are a series of  rods that run across both x and y axes of the plate.

Air will only be able to pass if both the x and y rods are ’on’ which interact under the hole.

Thus to vary the distribution it is simply a matter of pushing the x and y rods into the correct pattern.

Four air holes are fed by each rod intersection. Therefore the cutting plate air distributor can be arranged into any pattern of 4 air hole groups.

Scope has International patents pending on this revolutionary device.

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